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Konnakol is a technique to sing, count and compute complex rhythms.The method derives from the south indian music tradition - Carnatic music. To quote John McLaughlin: "If you can understand konnakol, the most superior system of leaning rhythm in the world, you can understand any rhythm from any country on the planet"

All of my KONNAKOL material can be an introduction to the south indian music method & theory.

Today konnakol is trending globally because there is no better system to learn rhythm.  I think its important to

learn KONNAKOL the right way so it becomes a useful langauge and therefore creates a new level of awarenes. 



GUITAR   Lessons 

Improvisation and composition: Two sides of the same thing. So whats in your toolbag? Whats on your mind? Many guitarists have big wholes in their basic knowledge. Some are lost in a comfort zone with a dead practise routine. Here in these two videos I share my vision and my method. My way!




GUITAR Music   

 "The Shape of Sound"

A complete world of guitar music with 24 different stories, 24 different melodic problems solved after years of work. Each variation represents an unique solution and together the 24 variations becomes a monster with two hours of music. A groundbreaking work for solo guitar

SUPER INSPIRING! "Killer stuff! - He’s so adventurous and innovative. His music is just plain delicious to my ear.  The wide intervallic stuff reminds me of Joe Diorio, he was such an huge influence to me. I bet he would have loved this music"   JENNIFER BATTON ( guitarist with a.o Jeff Beck and Michael Jackson)

AUDIO +  BOOK. (WAW+ PDF)    Sheetmusic, guitar tabulature & MUSIC