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Konnakol is a technique to sing, count and compute complex rhythms. Konnakol derives from the Carnatic music tradition.

To quote John McLaughlin "If you can understand konnakol, The most superior system of leaning rhythm in the world, You can understand any rhythm from any country on the planet"

This 5000 years old  Rhythmic Language is probably the most complex, intricate vocal rhythmic system in the world. Unmatched in stature, complexity, depth & in range

The mind-blowing thing is that is is universal and to me - compatible with any genre of music. 


GUITAR   Lessons 

Improvisation and composition is, according to me, the same thing but on a different timescale.

And here in these two videos I share my vision and my ideas about how I try to strech both rhythm, scales and harmony


Polyrhythms, odd time signatures, 9 levels of subdivision and "nested tuplets" 


 "The Shape of Sound"

Explore a new dimension of guitar music with my latest release - a double solo album of 24 meticulously crafted solo compositions. This isn't just an album, it's my testament to the boundless potential of guitar music, drawn from four years of intensive research.

This engaging collection represents much more than two hours of fervor-filled strumming. An autonomous odyssey in various musical styles and techniques. Intervallic study with root in my konnakol training.

searching within my depth for the source of this music, and paving a new path that could transform me as musician and composer.

This album, at its very core, is a renderingand of jazz, rock, blues, classical, and Indian classical styles - a harmonious blend of world music. Yet, the recording only captures a glimpse of these musical sagas. The true sound, the real essence, vibrates resoundingly in my mind and it might take me years to mirror that with precision. Its on another level!

Don't take my word for it, though. Here's what Jennifer Batton (renowned guitarist for Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck) has to say on experiencing the album - SUPER INSPIRING! "Killer stuff! -

He’s so adventurous and innovative. His music is just plain delicious to my ear.  The wide intervallic stuff reminds me of Joe Diorio, he was such an huge influence to me. I bet he would have loved this music"  


 Sheetmusic, guitar tabulature & album "THE SHAPE OF SOUND"