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I have actually been inside a MR scanner visualizing KONNAKOL at Århus university hospital (DK) some years ago. The brain doctors involved in that experiment called me a "master of meditation". Honestly I have no idea of what meditation actual is - I am basically just a curious student of what I call “music” and very far from my mastery - my vision.

What I DO know is that Konnakol is as important to me as my morning coffee. I need a little dosis every day to make my brain wake up.

Apparently I was the first person in the world to post KONNAKOL videos back in 1999 on a website. Later came YOUTUBE and I reposted my videos there.    I had been a searching soul, felt like a "half musician"  But that changed in 1993 I found "IT"  KONNAKOL. But I needed to translate & digest this information because I saw a much larger perspective in KONNAKOL. Something deeply profound and universal. So I began to create tutorials : books and videos to share my findings. COFFEE & KONNAKOL is about reflecting on the impact KONNAKOL had on me and my music. A journey of almost 3 decades revealing more and more about the big mystery. Today, so many years after my mission started, you can find thousands of KONNAKOL videos online and a new generation of Indian musicians shows their skills and creates amazing konnakol : complex as rocket science but not really related to

grooves or music, its mathematical ideas!  But I think there is a much deeper perspective to this old south Indian rhythm langauge than all of this:

We all pretty much know how to eat well and work out. Perhaps we can cook our own food & run a marathon. But how do wee feed and maintain our minds?
I think a lot of people could benefit from learning Konnakol. Both musicians and specially non-musicians. Singing math rhythms is meditation, science & art.

"STRENGE TIDER"  WTF variations + OMG variations  24 guitar solos

I wrote this guitar music to educate myself and break all habits in search of something new to play! I was - like many guitarists - trapped in a mindless routine and could not develop new ideas. So I decided to spend two years researching, composing and mapping all my theoretic ideas, techniques & inspirations in such a way that each composition represents a study, a vehicle to explore new sonic territory. "WayToFly OnMyGuitar" (WTF variations + OMG variations) is my complete study of Intervals, harmony and rhythm. In a way its also a portrait of my career, a musical journey through 4 decades and most continents. Both WTF + OMG variations are released as sheet music + guitar tabulature and avaible in my webshop.

You can listen to some of the music here on my website or check them all out on my YOUTUBE channel.

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30 years ago I got my first guitar from Linda Manzer - this music is a tribute to her and that instrument - You can see my whole Manzer collection in this slideshow and if you visit the VIDEO site ( or YOUTUBE ) you can see me perform some of the music