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Inspiration from Indian classical dance & music

Music & dance group OUT OF THE BOX (DK)  "Blending indian culture with anything else"
Thanx to Teatergruppen Batida (location) And Peter Kragh Jacobsen from Slagtøj Centret (cowbell)

"WTF + OMG variations"

   Album / sheetmusic & guitar tabulature

I wrote this guitar music to educate myself and break all habits in search of something new to play! "Way To Fly variations” contains many different music styles, expressions and guitar techniques. Many guitarist get trapped in a routine and can not develop new ideas. Youtube provide a lot of stuff but its often fragmented and not really "music". So I decided to spend two years researching, composing, mapping all my theoretic ideas and inspiration.    Each composition is a study uncovering new land for me. "WayToFly OnMyGuitar" (WTF variations + OMG variations) is my complete study of Intervals, harmony and rhythm. Any guitarist that plays these variations will most likely struggle in the process - that is the whole idea - It is a study and not easy music to play. Learn this music, play it until your picking technique is perfect - then practise some more and turn it into music.                       Both WTF + OMG variations are released as sheet music + guitar tabulature

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30 years ago I got my first guitar from Linda Manzer - this music is a tribute to her and that instrument - You can see my whole Manzer collection in this slideshow and if you visit the VIDEO site you can see me perform some of the WTF variations: