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"WTF + OMG variations"

   Album / sheetmusic & guitar tabulature

This project is all about taking the acoustic guitar to a new level and create a music that can school me for some years.

Playing guitar solo concerts is the ultimate task so I decided to compose a complete repertoire with 24 compositions. Two hours of solo guitar. Every variation represents a study and fit in my whole complete work of harmony, rhythm and melody + technique. Both albums WTF + OMG variations are released as sheet music + guitar tabulature so anybody can play and study the music.

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30 years ago I got my first guitar from Linda Manzer - this music is a tribute to her and that instrument - You can see my whole Manzer collection in this slideshow and if you visit the VIDEO site you can see me perform some of the WTF variations:

Is already released and available in webshop

Will be released summer 2020.