Music is nowhere

  Music is now here

This show will have premiere in Autumn 2022

and will be touring in 3 different langauges:

Danish, english & italian. 

On stage: Simona Zanini and Henrik Andersen

Manuscript: Henrik Andersen

Music: Henrik Andersen

Choreography: Simona Zanini

Director: Solveig Weinkouff

          "The Shape Of Sound" 2022

                      Henrik Andersen                                                              Simona Zanini                                                                                 

"ECSTACY"   double solo album 2022 

I wrote this guitar music to educate myself and break all habits in search of something new to play!  

I release a double album in summer  2022 with all 24 compositions - Two hours of solo guitar music.

These 24 solo guitar compositions should inspire any guitarist on the planet!

ECSTACY is a complete world of guitar music with 24 different stories, 24 different melodic problems solved after years of research and work. Each variation represents an unique study and all together the 24 variations become a "monster" with two hours of solo guitar music. A groundbreaking new technical work - unlike anything else

SUPER INSPIRING! "He’s so adventurous and innovative. His music is just plain delicious to my ear. Killer stuff!  The wide intervallic stuff reminds me of Joe Diorio,

he was such an huge influence to me. I bet he would have loved this music"  

JENNIFER BATTON ( guitarist with a.o Jeff Beck and Michael Jackson)

2021 guitar duo album


Two Hollywood music in media award nominations 2021.

for "Best jazz" and best "Instrumental" -  and two Global music awards silvermedals for  "Best album" & "Best song"


I have  been inside a MR scanner visualizing KONNAKOL at Århus university hospital (DK) some years ago.

The brain doctors involved in that experiment called me, a "master of meditation" - I was just practicing my KONNAKOL

Konnakol is as important to me as my morning coffee. I need a little dosis every day to make my brain wake up.

I was the first to post KONNAKOL videos back in 1996 on a website.  Today, you can find thousands of KONNAKOL videos online and a new generation of musicians with konnbakol skills. In these videos I talk about my konnakol and my Coffe

We all pretty much know how to eat well and work out and  run a marathon.  But how do wee feed and maintain our minds?
I think a lot of people could benefit from learning Konnakol. Both musicians and specially non-musicians. Singing math rhythms is meditation, science & art.