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"WTF variations" & "OMG variations"

   album / sheetmusic & guitar tabulature

This project is all about improving my technique and playing skills on guitar. Composing solo guitar music that I can play and study for a long time!

"Way To Fly variations” is already released and available in my webshop "On My Guitar variations” will be released summer 2020.

Playing solo concerts is the ultimate task so I decided to challenge myself writing a complete repertoire! 12 compositions on "WTF variations" and 12 compositions on "OMG variations” - 24 compositions - almost two hours solo guitar. Every single variation must stand strong alone but also fit in my whole complete study of harmony, rhythm and melody. (and technique) Its my dream project because I also release WTF + OMG variations as sheet music + guitar tabulature so anybody can play this music note-by-note and know exactly where to place their fingers on the fretboard.                            Its impossible not to be inspired by this music if you love guitar and I dare to say that one will find lots of f.ex new harmonies that you cannot find anywhere on youtube tutorials or elsewhere - this is something new!

30 years ago I got my first guitar from Linda Manzer - this music is a tribute to her - You can see my Manzer collection in this slideshow :

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2018 concerto for guitar & symphony orchestra "På Herrens Mark"

Comissioned by Kaluga world of Guitar festival and performed May 29th 2018 with Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sergei Tararin. At Kaluga Festival Hall - Kaluga/ Russia.  The 45 min. guitar concerto contains 3 movements: "Romantic" "Mystic" & "Elevated"


"På Herrens Mark" is a danish expression meaning helpless but in the hands of god.The music is mainly inspired by the nordic landscapes.

the 3 movements express different connections to the scandinavian nature

Here are videos from the performance in Russia:


Thanks to DJBFA, KODAs kollektive båndmidler and the danish art council for making all of this possible.

Special thanks to those who supported my crowdfunding!!!

"A completely different image from Henrik Andersen. This is one of the most famous fusion guitarists. In Kaluga, he performed something dawn, a thirsty flight, similar to the old legends alternating with a battle cry!

It sounded strong and large, like a single canvas, on which the imperturbable Andersen embroidered on the strings an intricate landscape.

How, passionate, impetuous and ardent is Denmark!

How much purity, power and love!

And in the end - a unique, slightly guilty smile Henrik"

(translated by Max Liapunov)