OUT OF THE BOX      "The Shape Of Sound"

2022 premiere in Oktober on a new show together with  italian actor & dancer Simona Zanini. Directed by Kasper Ravnhøj   Based on music from "WTF variations" & "OMG variations"   We dive into the amazing nature of music and the music in nature.

"The Shape Of Sound" is also a look into the world of "cymatics" to learn more about the shapes of sound. (like on the photo)

Just like a tone creates beautifull patterns on a "chladni plate" music creates complex emotions and imaginary landscapes inside of us.                                                                                       Its our own first theatre production and our mission is to make people wonder about the nature of music. With theatre, dance and music.

We all have acces to a billion songs on our smartphones and computers - but its a passive relation! And if there is a problem you call the support hotline. And they play music while you wait. If you call the dentist, there is music while you wait! There is music in airplanes, in cars, shopping malls, Fitness centers.... There is music everywhere! 

So nobody really listens anymore. You just stop listening and that is a great loss for our society. Because one of the greatest things about music is that its about listening,          The art of listening. We are all adicted to music. Because we need good vibes and we need to connect to "it" ...

Albert Einstein: “I often think in music.  I live my daydreams in music.  I see my life in terms of music”.           Nicolas Tesla: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

24 guitar solos /  new double album /2022 

I wrote this guitar music to educate myself and break all habits in search of something new to play! I was - like many guitarists - trapped in a mindless routine and could not develop new ideas. So I decided to spend two years researching, composing and mapping all my theoretic ideas, techniques & inspirations in such a way that each composition represents a study, a vehicle to explore new sonic territory. "WayToFly OnMyGuitar"  is my complete study of Intervals, harmony and rhythm. In a way its also a portrait of my career, a musical journey through four decades and most continents.    Both WTF + OMG variations are released as sheet music + guitar tabulature and avaible in my webshop.

I will release a double album in spring 2022 with all 24 compositions - almost 2 hours of solo guitar.

2021 guitar duo album "NEW SHAPES"

Supported by KODA kultur

Two Hollywood music in media award nominations 2021.

for "Best jazz" and best "Instrumental" -  and two Global music awards silvermedals for  "Best album" & "Best song"

The 24 variations covers a lot of different styles inspired by jazz, indian music, heavy metal, techno and different kind of classical music.  Every variation is a study 4 me!

Bach inspired me to this whole project. I realized that I loved his music too much. Its perfect! So I had to stop playing it and move on with my own musical journey by constant developing new ideas and create a school for myself.

During lockdown I contacted my russian friend and guitarist Roman Miroschnichenko

because I had this vision of making an acoustic duo album with him. Something special.

We have recorded together before, but I wanted to record and capture some of the energy and creativity we had explored performing  live in front of an audience. 

So I composed material that would show a new horizon - fulla new shapes!

So we recorded NEW SHAPES and the result really speaks for itself: Nothing like it!

We invited some outstanding musicians to join us : The one and only Trilok Gurtu,    Gumbi Ortiz, Bickram Ghosh, Frank Colon and violinist Charlie Bisharat.

The music is super complex but very melodic and easy listening.

The album has already wun two prises and recieved a lot of nominations. Check it out

Miroschnichenkos remix of "Russian Mountains"


I have actually been inside a MR scanner visualizing KONNAKOL at Århus university hospital (DK) some years ago. The brain doctors involved in that experiment called me, to my big surprice, a "master of meditation"

What I DO know is that Konnakol is as important to me as my morning coffee. I need a little dosis every day to make my brain wake up.

I was the first person in the world to post KONNAKOL videos back in 1996 on a website. When YOUTUBE arrived, almost 10 years later, I reposted my videos there.  I felt like a "half musician"  until 1993 where I found "IT"  KONNAKOL. But I needed to translate & digest this information because I saw a much larger perspective in KONNAKOL.  Today, so many years after my mission started, you can find thousands of KONNAKOL videos online and a new generation of musicians shows their skills and creates amazing konnakol full of mathematical ideas! 

But I think there is a much deeper perspective to this old south Indian rhythm langauge than all of that, music is just a by-product.

We all pretty much know how to eat well and work out and  run a marathon.  But how do wee feed and maintain our minds?
I think a lot of people could benefit from learning Konnakol. Both musicians and specially non-musicians. Singing math rhythms is meditation, science & art.