Henrik Andersen

"Someone Fynky In The Kingdom of Denmark"

Henrik Andersen are touring international

with two danish theatre companys

TeaterTasken and Teater Refleksion.

As composer, musician,

puppeteer & actor.

And then he is proffesional cartoonist!



Andersen has performed masterclasses in konnakol and guitar in Canada, USA, India, Europe & Russia.

Henrik Andersen

Born in Copenhagen 1966 February 7th

Proffesional guitarist & singer

since the age of 18. Graduated from

The Rhythmic Music Conservatory

of Copenhagen with a master in guitar.

He became a student of the world-famous

rhythm phenomenons Trilok Gurtu (IN)

and Pete Lockett (UK) studying

south Indian rhythms "Konnakol"


"The music of Henrik Andersen contains elements from

many different cultures and different genres mixed freely

in his own personal way. His 12 albums includes jazz, pop,

folk, Indian,vocal & instrumental music."


Henrik Andersen has toured & recorded with artists

all over the world like:

Trilok Gurtu (IN), Pete Lockett (UK), Ranjit Barot (IN), Mahesh Vinaykram (IN)

Bickram Ghosh (IN), Mandolin U.Rajesh (IN)

S.Shashank (IN), Natasja (DK), Outlandish (DK)

Roman Miroschnichenko (RU), Jose Antonio Rodriguez (SP)

Music Spoken Here (DK), Oriental Mood (DK)

Carla Alexander (BZ) DJ-Schak (DK)

Also as a solist performing John McLaughlins

concerto for guitar & orchestra "The Mediterranean"

last time in 2013 with The Moscow symphony orchestra

at the Kaluga International Guitar Festival


Henrik Andersen are emploeyed at

the Danish National Acedemy & at the Royal Academy of Music



Henrik Andersen are composing his concert for guitar & orchestra

"På Herrens Mark" - to be performed in Moscow 2018




  • Music Spoken Here "Look out for angels" 1993
  • Music Spoken Here "JAZZPOLICE" 1996
  • Music Spoken Here "BRASSO" 1998
  • Monster Trio "Kitchen Recordings" 1999
  • Henrik Andersen "Hotelroom Recordings" 2000
  • Henrik Andersen "King Of Nothing" 2001
  • Henrik Andersen "Beirut Session" 2004
  • Carla Alexander "Quintau" 2006
  • Andersen, Lockett & Shashank "RØR" 2008
  • Andersen ONUAG "Guardian Angel" 2008
  • Henrik Andersen "Indian HeARTbeat" 2010
  • Henrik Andersen "FREE" 2012
  • World Of Guitar trio "Perfect Strangers" 2015
  • Music Spoken Here "Pirates Of the Konnakol" 2016
  • Teatertasken "Musik til DANNERBARN" 2016