Henrik Andersen

Music is nowhere - Music is now here

KONNAKOL the south indian artform of singing math & rhythm

Henrik Andersen discovered Konnakol listening to "Shakti" records in the eighties. Later he meet guitarist John McLaughlin on several occations. John McLaughlin encourage Henrik Andersen to study Konnakol and find a teacher. In 1992 Henrik Andersen began taking lessons from Pete Lockett (UK) and In 1998 Henrik Andersen becomes a student of the rhythm phenomenon Trilok Gurtu and joined his group "Glimpse"as a guitarist, singer and arranger of the music.

In 1999 Henrik Andersen visits India for the first time and find out there was not much litterature to be found on Konnakol there.

So it becomes a mission to promote this knowledge, tradition and method because Konnakol is universal. Rhythm is everywhere!

Henrik Andersen has created a complete video tutorial in 3 volumes "LEARN KONNAKOL" and a book on the south indian music theory "Shortcut To Nirvana".   Konnakol is trending and you will find outstanding artists all over the world