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"The Manzer Medusa Guitar"

This cartoon turned out to be the actual blueprint for the real guitar!

Created by world-famous canadian luthier Linda Manzer inspired by the Pikasso guitar she made for Pat Metheny.The 52 stringed guitar

are designed by Henrik and Linda. The instrument took 2 years to create. Itt was presented first time at newport guitar festival 2010 in Miami.


The lower neck is inspired by indian sitar or the veena : with scalloped fretboard and 4 "chikore"-strings + a "buzz-saddle".

The middle neck is 8-stringed guitar. Like a normal guitar but with two x-tra added bass strings in B and F#. This neck is "fanfretted".

The upper neck is a fretless soprano guitar (tuned in A). The guitar also contains 3 harps!



Henrik Andersen

"Someone Fynky In The Kingdom of Denmark"